Encyclopedia Retardia is an awsome online encyclopedia that was founded by BluMan on February 9, 2011, but originally planned by Frank Lloyd Wright before he died. The wiki itself is screwed up and isn't meant for stupid children who laugh at poo and pee jokes. Go away, kids, go on to Encyclopedia Dumbratica!

Founding Edit

Lloyd Wright was thinking of some futuristic ideas before he died. One of the ideas was an online encyclopedia that people could laugh at. Sadly, after he died, his plans were put into wrong hands, more wrong hands, and even more wrong hands. Finally, the Retardamedia corporation got the rights back to the encyclopedia, or as stupid Wikia calls it, "Wiki".

Ways to use it Edit

ER is a funny encyclopedia. It is not a stupid encyclopedia. If you want stupid, see stupid. Also, this wesbsite is Canadian, eh? So a lot of humour might have a lot of colour in it, you get what i'm talking aboot, eh?

Ways not to use it Edit

yo duuuude this is noot how to use er. lol wut? haha this is a funny wiki. maybe i shiuld trash my friends on it haha they desrve it! lols.

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